Technical Partners


rOpenSci is a collaborative effort to develop R-based tools for facilitating Open Science. It develops open source R packages that provide programmatic access to a variety of scientific data, full-text of journal articles, and repositories that provide real-time metrics of scholarly impact.

rOpenSci are the maintainers of the official R libraries for (Tabular) Data Packages and will be the steward of these R libraries.


The ODI was co-founded in 2012 to address today’s global challenges using the web of data. It brings together commercial and non-commercial organisations and governments to equip and inspire people around the world to innovate with Data.

The ODI are the official maintainers of the Ruby libraries and we will collaborate on a number of tools for sharing and working with data.

Pilot Partners


Data Management for TEDDINET (DM4T) is set up to support TEDDINET (Transforming Energy Demand through Digital Innovation Network) collectively to construct a data legacy for the TEDDI, BuildTEDDI and the non-domestic buildings programmes as a whole.

Open Knowledge International and DM4T will work together on a proof-of-concept pilot around data management using the Frictionless Data tools and specifications.

Stephen Eglen, University of Cambridge

Stephen Eglen, a Reader in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, is working with us to investigate the applicability of the Data Package concept to facilitate data reuse.

Together, we are trialling tools for packaging and reading nervous system data using R.


The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center provides a shared technological and legal infrastructure to support research, analysis, decision making, and community engagement.

We will be working with the University of Pittsburgh Center for Urban and Social Research to pilot a number of frictionless data tools on the portal including the Data Quality Dashboard, GoodTables and integrations with CKAN.


Dataship is a way to share data and analysis, from simple charts to complex machine learning, with anyone in the world easily and for free. It allows the creation of notebooks that hold and deliver your data, as well as text, images and inline scripts for doing analysis and visualization.

Data Package is the native format for the Dataship notebook. Together, we have published the following Case Study documenting the use of the Frictionless Data specifications in this tool.


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is one of the United States Department of Energy national laboratories, managed by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science. PNNL scientists conduct basic and applied research and development to strengthen U.S. scientific foundations for fundamental research and innovation.

Open Knowledge International will be piloting some tools and work on fixes and enhancements to specific use cases within the PNNL workflow. Work will include the integration of Good Tables for data validation on repositories that are used by the Active Data app and piloting some tools for editing data directly.

John Snow Labs

John Snow Labs Inc. is a DataOps company, accelerating progress in analytics & data science by taking on the headache of preparing data for analysis. John Snow Labs believe in being great partners, making customers successful, and using “data philanthropy” to make the world a better place.

We have published the following case study documenting the use of the Frictionless Data specifications and are working with them to open source some of their work to support some of our other pilot partners.