Get Involved

Frictionless Data is a major project of Open Knowledge International which started as a community-driven effort of Open Knowledge Labs. Community building continues to be a core component of the project: anyone can get involved and contributions are very welcome.

In order to make creating, using, and sharing data as easy and frictionless as possible, we need concrete use cases and feedback from people working across a variety of data-intensive fields:

Let us know. We’d love to hear about it. For examples of what has already been built, see the tools page. For information on where we’re going, see our roadmap.

We're also looking for volunteer "curators" interested in helping us create a set of high quality, useful datasets published as Data Packages.


As part of our outreach work with researcher and developer communities that may be interested in our tooling and specifications, we are running and participating in events around the world.

Frictionless Data events


If you're not sure where to start, there are lots of ways to get in contact with the core team members as well as the broader community around Frictionless Data:


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All code developed in support of this project is hosted on the frictionlessdata organization on GitHub. Comments, forks, and pull requests welcome.


We also have a chat room dedicated to technical discussion about Frictionless Data. Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself.


If you have a use case that you'd like to see Data Packages support, including integration with a particular tool or file format, leave a note in the forum.